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You can develop a unique skincare formula with AV Skin that appeals to your target market and conveys the identity and values of your company.

Beauty’s Potential with Cosmetic Formulation Experts-AV Skin

From concept creation to production, there are multiple phases involved in developing a unique formulation for your skincare brand. This is quite a hectic task if you are new to the journey of making skin care products. A well-known skincare company that gains traction in the industry and strikes a chord with customers.

AV Skin Sciences consists of highly skilled staff who are formulation specialists, who not only assist clients in achieving optimal performance from their products but also optimise return on investment for the brand owner. Effective product formulations and low minimum order quantities (MOQs) greatly assist emerging brands that are eager to explore new markets.

You can develop a unique skincare formula with AV Skin that appeals to your target market and conveys the identity and values of your company. For the purpose of manufacturing, we can receive any pre-made formulae or have them customised. Keep continue reading this article to the end, to learn more.

What are our objectives?

It’s an exciting and difficult undertaking to launch a cosmetics brand and we provide skincare and haircare products under the cosmetic label in every category for both men and women. We take great pride in what we do, and this passion is evident in the way we handle every step of the manufacturing process for your products.

This entails creating goods that include premium components and cutting-edge technologies in order to have noticeable effects. In order to keep clients and promote repeat business, skincare brands must cultivate brand loyalty.

We provide top-notch quality skincare formulation that your brand, to gain credibility and create enduring connections. At the end of the day, they’re all focused on creating a skincare company that fulfils customer demands and expectations while still being profitable.

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How AV Skin Sciences work with brands?

The beauty sector is expanding quickly, so now is the perfect time to break into the market and leave your mark. Launching a successful cosmetic business, however, can be a difficult process because there is so much competition and so much to take into account.

AV Skin Sciences is a skin care and hair care product producer that complies with GMP-ISO standards. A licence for manufacture is granted by Ayush. We have been working in this field for several years, providing the best quality product to our partner brand.

We work mainly in 3 manufacturing model- Private Label Manufacturing Model, Contract Manufacturing Model and Third Party Manufacturing  Model.

In India, the term “third-party manufacturing” describes the practice of contracting out the manufacturing to a specialised company such as Av Skin Sciences. Instead of manufacturing products directly, companies collaborate with Av Skin Sciences to produce goods under their brand.

Under contract manufacturing, a brand can produce goods without owning the manufacturing equipment, even while it still has the formulas for its range of items. Here, the manufacturer’s only responsibility is to produce the goods in accordance with GMP-ISO standards with the formulae that the brand owner provides.

To sell goods under the manufacturer’s name, a private label manufacturer collaborates with a brand. On the label, the manufacturer is not mentioned. Products may be offered for sale separately or in conjunction with other products. Third Party cosmetics manufacturing is synonymous with Private Label cosmetics manufacturing or White-Collar cosmetics manufacturing.

When it comes to creating your new batch of new products or testing the market with low MOQs, AV Skin Sciences is the manufacturer to turn to. In particular, the organisation is dedicated to maintaining high standards of sanitation, raw material quality, and packing conditions.
Making the skin care products as organic as possible is another goal we have. Not only are the expertly blended organic goods enjoyable to use, but they should also become a part of your brand.

Manufacturing skincare and haircare cosmetics for a third party while keeping the goods compatible with the licences the producer obtained is known as third party cosmetics manufacturing.
The manufacturing process is facilitated by an agreement between the buyer and the manufacturer. The marketing and sales of the manufactured goods are not under the control of the manufacturer.

In conclusion, third-party manufacturing offers numerous benefits and advantages for skincare brands looking to develop and distribute their products.

Custom Formulation with AV Skin

The goal of AV Skin Sciences, a cosmetic product expert and beauty enthusiast, is to provide the highest calibre skincare and hair care goods for your company. At every phase, including brand name, packaging, formulas, and delivery, we will collaborate with you. We have led the way in this area since we recognise how difficult it may be to launch a new brand.

Right now, we manufacture 4 kinds of product- Face care related products, Hair Care range, Men Care Products, and Ubtan Range. In the future, we will diversify our product range as per the demand. We are quite proud of the GMP and ISO certifications we hold for our manufacturing facilities. All natural and safe ingredients are used to make the items.

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Our Range









We make products as per our brands requirement and aligning their vision.

1. Face Care related Products

The three most crucial skin-care products are SPF, moisturisers, cleansers, scrubs, serums and creams. We manufacture all of them in our own manufacturing unit maintaining hygiene and safety protocols. We will fabricate and personalise your desired product under your brand.

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2. Hair Care Range

We manufacture Tonic, Hair Cream, Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum. If you request it, we will provide it products to make a kit for hair spa or hair fall management. Products are quite effective and made with high- quality natural components.

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3. Men Care Products

Beard Balm- Also known as beard softener, it is a vitalizer for beard development. We will produce any kind of merchandise as long as we comprehend your target market.

4. Range of Ubtan

If you want to make DIY mask for your brand- We mix the goodness of natural herbs like haldi, tulsi, neem, etc. to make a skincare product that will last longer for you because we know that doing it yourself can be challenging at times.

These are the products we offer at this point. If your brand needs a specialized product, we can customize it for you as per your requirements.

Ensuring safety is critical for any skincare brand to gain consumer trust and adhere to legal standards.
To avoid contamination and we guarantee product safety. We make sure that appropriate sanitation, hygiene, and quality control procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process.

We provide customers with accurate information on product labels that includes a complete list of ingredients, including both active and inactive ingredients, so they may make judgements depending on their allergies or skin sensitivity. We give thorough instructions on how to use the product, what to avoid, and any possible negative effects.

In addition to adhering to legal requirements and industry standards, we cultivate customer confidence, trust, and enduring loyalty by putting safety first in skincare formulas and processes.

Why to choose AV Skin?

Since its founding, AV Skin Sciences has been a proud manufacturer of the following brands. AV Skin Sciences created these trademarks from the ground up, including the brand name, logos, packaging jars, labels, and many other elements that must be taken into account when launching a new company.

Av Skin Sciences offers open and competitive pricing structures that are customised to meet the specific requirements of every customer. Businesses are urged to get in touch with Av Skin Sciences directly using the contact information provided on the website for comprehensive price information.

Because Av Skin Sciences is renowned for dealing with Low Minimum Order Quantities, companies of all sizes can take advantage of their manufacturing services without needing to engage in high volume production.

To address each client’s unique demands, Av Skin Sciences offers personalised solutions. They work directly with companies to customise formulas, packaging, and branding to provide goods that are truly distinctive.
Customers can have items made under their own brand name by using Av Skin Sciences’ private label manufacturing service. Businesses can create a unique brand identity with the help of this service.

We can proudly say that we have worked with some of the bestselling brands of Skin Care brands in India. We are working with-Ecovani Organics, Sanctus, Fuel Biotech, The Organic Touch, Ozone, Renua, VAS, May Face True Nature, Celestial Ora, V2+ Professional, Cepglow, Skin Science by MD and many more.

Regulatory Compliance

We also provide documented certifications that may be requested, such as:


Thanks to our extensive partnerships with local and global brands, we’ve garnered the trust of both customers and industry peers. Our collection of esteemed certifications acquired over the years empowers us to confidently engage on national and international business platforms.

Our dedication to incorporating premium raw materials and organic ingredients remains unwavering. This commitment keeps us grounded, allowing us to deliver on our steadfast beliefs.

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Product formulation refers to the meticulous process of combining various raw materials, ingredients, and components in precise proportions to create a specific product, such as cosmetics or skincare items. It involves careful consideration of factors like texture, stability, and effectiveness to achieve the desired end result.

Skincare formulation involves the development and creation of cosmetic products specifically designed for skincare purposes. This encompasses the selection and combination of ingredients to formulate products like cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and other skincare solutions, with the aim of promoting healthy and radiant skin.

Product formulation techniques vary depending on the type of product being created. Common techniques include blending, emulsification, heating and cooling processes, and the incorporation of specific active ingredients. Additionally, advanced technologies may be employed for precise measurements and quality control throughout the formulation process.

The cost of creating a cosmetic formula can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the formula, the quality of ingredients used, and the scale of production. Research and development, testing, and sourcing high-quality raw materials all contribute to the overall cost. It's advisable to consult with experts and consider the specific requirements of the desired cosmetic product.

Av Skin Sciences boasts advanced formulation capabilities, leveraging a wealth of expertise in crafting bespoke skincare solutions. Our formulations prioritize the use of premium raw materials and organic ingredients. We are committed to avoiding harmful chemicals and animal-based components in our products. This ensures that our formulations align with diverse preferences, catering to individuals seeking vegan, halal, kosher, gluten-free, and other specific skincare options.

  • Over 3500+ naturally-derived ingredients
  • Highly trained and experienced team of chemists
  • Best research labs
  • Stability tested formulation
  • Over 1500+ fragrance options
  • State of the art research lab & Stability tested formulations

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out! Simply provide your contact information below, and one of our knowledgeable team members will promptly connect with you to address your inquiries. Rest assured, your information is completely secure with us.